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TenAsia is the Inventor and Pioneer in lightweight Graphite Composite Telescopic Harvesting Poles with trademark PALMPRO. It is an engineered Hi-Tech tools very important for harvesting tall oil palms fruits and coconuts. PalmPro is now helping industries to increase harvesting output with current limited workforce, and recover all tall tree rotten fruits unable to harvest using bamboo and aluminium poles.

Research and development works begin in 2009 to search for solutions against heavy aluminium and bamboo harvesting poles. PALMPRO is developed with seven years efforts and now it fully meets all users’ need and expectations.

PalmPro is now recognised as best practise for harvesting and pruning tall oil palms and coconuts. It is exported globally beyond Malaysia to Asean, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka & India, Latin America, Africa and Mediterranean and Middle East countries.



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